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Is Cataract Surgery Right For Me?

If you think you might have a cataract or if you feel that you may be in the early stages of developing a cataract please feel free to contact us immediately. The doctors at Eye Health Northwest are highly skilled surgeons using only the latest technology that has been time tested. If your vision has started to deteriorate, there is simply no reason to avoid a consultation and eye exam with our practice. Because we are a comprehensive eye care facility we can provide various options, which can ultimately lead to a surgery that will provide you with your personal best vision. Don't let your vision hold you back any longer call us today.

What Are My Options?

Most people do not realize how much cataract surgery has advanced over the last 10 years. Not only have there been developments in the equipment but also with the lenss implants themselves. At Eye Health Northwest we offer no-stitch, no needle cataract surgery using small incision phacoemulsification. Millions of people undergo cataract surgery every year and have successful surgeries. When considering cataract surgery you now have new options for lens implants. Some lenses can even correct your vision at near, far and intermediate distances. Years ago the only lens implants were monofocal, now you have options for multifocal and monofocal. Make sure to discuss these options in your consultation and pre-operative eye exams.

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Your Consultation

If you feel like you are in the beginning stages of developing cataracts please feel free to call us. Cataract patients typically have difficulty driving at night and have described the sensation as trying to look through wax paper. Call Eye Health Northwest today to have an eye exam and consultation to see if a lens implant would help you see better.

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Cataract Surgery

According to a recent article published in the Archives of Ophthalmology, more than 20 million adults in the U.S. have developed cataracts making it the number one cause of poor vision in the United States. In most cases cataract surgery is required where the natural lens is replaced with a man made lens often referred to as IOL or intraocular lens. This surgery is highly successful and has been drastically improved over the years.

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After Cataract Surgery

After cataract surgery it is important to get plenty of rest, wear the suggested eye patch and pay close attention to the post-operative documentation. Recovery from surgery is generally very quick, with most patients achieving noticeably better vision within the first 24 hours of the procedure. Patients are generally asked to use two different eye medications, administered as drops several times daily for the first few weeks after surgery. It is important that during the first 7 post-operative days patients refrain from strenuous activity such as lifting weights for exercise or lifting other heavy objects. Patients should also refrain from eye rubbing during the first few weeks following surgery.

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