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In the past, the choice of which type of lens implant to have was really made by the cataract surgeon.That's because there really weren't any options for patients. All lens implants were of a type called a monofocal lens implant.A monofocal lens implant provides excellent vision after cataract surgery-but only at one set distance-usually for seeing things at a distance.This means for seeing distant signs when driving, going to a movie or going to a ballgame, a monofocal lens implant will provide the vision you need to see clearly.But with a monofocal lens implant you will most likely need to wear glasses for any type of near vision activity-for example reading, knitting, sewing, playing cards or keeping your golf score will require you to wear glasses.

RezoomToday, we are able to offer you the choice of a multifocal lens implant.A multifocal lens implant provides excellent vision after cataract surgery at a variety of distances.ReSTOR and ReZoom are types of multifocal lens implants your cataract surgeon might suggest.Multifocal lens implants correct both your distance vision and your near vision after cataract surgery.For the vast majority of patients, having a multifocal lens implant means that you will be able to see at distance and up close without being dependent on glasses. Patients choosing to have a multifocal lens implant will likely find that they can drive, watch television, read or do crafts-without the need for glasses.

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As with any surgical procedure there are associated risks and benefits.While there may be a decrease in the need for glasses some patients may notice rings around lights at night.These side effects may make it more difficult to drive at night or perform tasks in low light conditions.While virtually everyone experiences an improvement in vision after cataract surgery, some people will have better uncorrected vision than others.Therefore, it is important to discuss the potential risks and benefits with your doctor.

Good candidates for the Multifocal lens implant should have realistic goals for their vision and receive a complete evaluation by an Ophthalmologist who specializes in deluxe lens implantation.EyeHealth Northwest has surgeons with vast experience in the implantation of these types of state of the art lenses.Our surgery centers have access to all FDA approved lenses.EyeHealth Northwest is the largest provider of deluxe lens implants in the Portland Metro area.

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